Writing In(to) Architecture 速寫建築

Writing In(to) Architecture  速寫建築

China's Architectural Design and Construction Since 1949



Sylvia Chan 陳曼霞


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Paperback, 120 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date May 2012
ISBN 9789881500588

“Explores the socio-political transitions that have affected China throughout the 20th century and are beginning to frame the 21st... Interesting and challenging. If only more Western architects and journalists were listening.”  
– Austin Williams (director, Future Cities Project), Masterplanning the Future

Using detailed examples from field journals and the mass media, Sylvia Chan traces the evolution of architectural journalism in China from 1949 to the present. She takes us from the propagandistic writings of the Mao era, when the government used architectural journalism to enforce successive waves of politically fashionable architectural principles, to the contemporary “free-for-all” discourse—now stretching into the blogosphere—where politics and nationalism sometimes masquerade as architectural debate. Additionally, Chan identifies important issues that transcend China, weaving in broader insights about the role of the architecture critic in society.


About the Author:        

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies and her Master of Journalism from the University of Hong Kong, Sylvia Chan went on to earn her Master of Arts in Architectural Histories and Theories at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.