An Ordinary Man 重回凡間私凡人

An Ordinary Man 重回凡間私凡人
Poon Chan-leung 潘燦良


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Paperback, 228 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date April 2011
ISBN 789881817662

Life is good to Kuan, thirty-something but living the life of someone ten years younger. Then a few missed calls during a night out in Shenzhen propel him into a personal crisis that forces him to find himself and to redefine his relationships with family, friends and lovers.

Poon Chan-leung joined the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre in 1991. He has performed in more than 100 productions, including I Have A Date With Spring, Three Sisters, The Crucible, and The Importance of Being Earnest. The Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies awarded him Best Supporting Actor for Black Elk Speaks in 1995 and for A Small Family Business in 2005. Poon is also a talented film actor whose credits include An Umbrella Story, The Legend of the Mad Phoenix and Love a la Zen. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1997 at both the Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards for his performance in The Legend of the Mad Phoenix.

30開外的阿寬生活如意, 卻吊兒郎當得像20幾歲的人。一晚深圳夜蒲,幾個錯過的來電,令他墮入個人危機,被迫尋回自己,重建自己與家人、朋友和情人的關係。

潘燦良於1999年加入香港話劇團,至今參演劇目逾百齣,包括《我和春天有個約會》、《三姊妹》、《靈慾劫》、《不可兒戲》等。1995年作品《黑鹿開口了》及2005年作品《家庭作孽》分別獲香港戲劇協會頒發最佳男配角獎。潘燦良亦曾參演多部電影,包括《人間有情》、《南海十三郎》及《愛情觀自在》,憑《南海十三郎》分別獲1997年度台灣金馬獎提名, 1998年度香港電影金像獎之最佳男配角獎。
Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival