FILTH (Failed in London, Try Hong Kong)

FILTH (Failed in London, Try Hong Kong)
Jingan MacPherson Young


Product details
Paperback, 112 Pages, English
Publication date February 2014
ISBN 9789881605672

“Ambitious…poses the interesting question of how this remnant of the colonial era felt adrift under the new political and economic climate.”  - Kevin Kwong, South China Morning Post

“We become proud of our title, of the filth that we roll around in…” 

What do a Eurasian editor, English banker, inebriate philosopher and a spliff-smoking Australian have in common? They’re all expats…and they’re all in denial. 

1 July 2007, a decade after the 1997 Handover and with China’s presence all-pervasive, how will the expatriates from Hong Kong’s colonial past fit into the picture? 

When Joe Losey abruptly abandons his wife, maid, chauffeur and currently under-renovation penthouse apartment he never figured his social-climbing Eurasian wife Rebecca would commit the ultimate betrayal. When he returns a few months later, sparks fly, truths are uncovered, friendships are torn apart, a child is lost, trust is gained and love is relearned. A universal story about family, love and betrayal in the ever-changing political landscape of Hong Kong. 

Written by Hong Kong-born Jingan MacPherson Young, The play premiered to a sold out run during the 2014 Arts Festival. 

Jingan MacPherson Young 楊靜安 was born in Hong Kong. She holds a BA English with Film Studies from Kings College London and a Master of Studies in Creative Writing from Oxford University. She was the first playwright commissioned and produced in the English language by the Hong Kong Arts Festival for FILTH (Failed in London, Try Hong Kong) which ran during the 42nd HKAF. She is a contributor for The Guardian, London Review of Books and the South China Morning Post newspaper. She works between Hong Kong and London.
Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival