Red Chamber in the Concrete Forest 森林海中的紅樓

Red Chamber in the Concrete Forest 森林海中的紅樓
Haoran Simon Wang 王昊然 


Product details
Paperback, 244 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date February 2014
ISBN 9789881605658


Three empathetic encounters with ladies of the night bring about the gradual metamorphosis of one young man’s life. 

In a compassionate look at dysfunctional sexual relationships driven by a materialist society, a socially inept, social media-obsessed man seeks ‘love’ from a teenage girl who gives her body in exchange for designer gear, a lady of the night and a professional mistress. What revelations in love and life will they bring him? 

A play commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2014, Red Chamber in the Concrete Forest by Wang Haoran explores lost souls cast adrift by China’s rapid urbanization. 

This bilingual edition is Traditional Chinese and English. 

Born in Hunan, Wang Haoran grew up in Shenzhen and now lives in Hong Kong. His other plays include The Shackle, Barbecued Pork and Blast. His directorial credits include The Death of a Writer, The Anxious Women and Phaedra’s Love. His acting credits include The Merchant of Venice, The Tale of a Floating Stone and The Little Dinosaur with a Golden Tail. He received a Master in Playwriting from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a Bachelor in English Literature (minoring Japanese) from Shenzhen University. 

紅樓裏已經沒有俊美的寶玉和他的黛玉、晴雯、寶釵; 臉書新世代木獨「宅男」的求愛對象,是來自中港五湖 四海的援交少女、鳳姐與北姑。她們究竟給了他怎樣的 人生啟示和愛的教育? 

2014香港藝術節委約及製作的《森林海中的紅樓》, 由編劇王昊然延續《爆.蛹》對社會邊緣階層的關注, 直探現代疏離異化的世界裏年青人找不着愛的故事。 

香港演藝學院戲劇藝術碩士(優異),深圳大學英文文學學士(輔修日語)。編劇作品有《桎梏》、《叉燒》(新域劇團劇場裏的臥虎與藏龍)、《爆.蛹》(第41 屆香港藝術節)等,另著多部短劇,其中憑《我不是Woyzeck》獲2013 年由美國愛荷華大學和上海話劇藝術中心聯合舉辦的「劇翼」國際寫作計劃一等獎。導演作品有《螳螂捕蟬》、《菲德拉的愛》和《作家之死》等。主演劇目包括《威尼斯商人》、《沃依采克》、《金尾小恐龍》等。普通話翻譯作品有《示範單位》(潘惠森著)、《香港式離婚》(黃詠詩著),中文翻譯作品有《茱莉小姐》(艾瑤.花柏改編)、《末族》(楊靜安著)等。

Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival