Show Flat 示範單位

Show Flat   示範單位
Poon Wai-sum 潘惠森


Product details
Paperback, 260 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date February 2012
ISBN 9789881605610


Playwright Poon Wai-sum explores the fantasy and fakery of the real estate market, examining what the housing obsession means to densely-packed Hong Kong – all with a sharp eye and a sense of humor.

Three real estate agents compete to snare a pair of prospective home buyers. The husband and wife, who sell miniature mansions as memorials for the dead, are skeptical yet tempted after years of searching for the right apartment. Gradually, the agents switch from trying to outdo each other to working together to secure a sale.

Luxurious show flats spark dreams of a Chinese proverb about “gardens in the air.” Gorgeous views take your breath away and spacious rooms fill your imagination. But when the flat is finally yours. . .  

Since returning to Hong Kong from the US in the 1980s, veteran playwright Poon Wai-sum has written more than 50 scripts and initiated Hong Kong’s annual Playwright Scheme to support aspiring writers. Poon is artistic director of Hong Kong’s Prospects Theatre.

陪你闖進香港最豪最high最賤格示範單位 。一踏進去⋯⋯ Oh, my God, 香港還有這樣的地方嗎?她想了一想,回應我說:「Well… but this is just a… 示範單位。」


Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival