Wild Boar 野豬

Wild Boar 野豬
Candace Chong Mui-ngam 莊梅岩 


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Paperback, 172 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date February 2012
ISBN 9789881817648


A news story published two years ago caught my attention: a theatre group fell victim to intimidation for preparing a play about June 4th. When I saw the name of the director, I was sure this was not a publicity gimmick — he is an old schoolmate whom I trust and respect. I called him and learnt that pressure was exerted on the team, and some production staff even decided to call it quits. While I was angered by this deplorable change in the “creative environment,” I was heartened to learn that people cared enough to report this kind of news, that we could still openly expose such injustice.

How a seedling flourishes depends on its surrounding climate: what nurtured my play from concept to finished script are the storms and vicissitudes our city has ridden in the recent past. Dedicated to the "wild boars" of the city. 

- Candace Chong Mui-ngam

Wild Boar is a work by Hong Kong’s most acclaimed young playwright, Chong Mui-ngam. Chong’s play examines self-censorship, expressing her concern that the way people write, and the subjects they write about, is changing in Hong Kong.

In an unidentified city that is a thinly disguised Hong Kong, citizens exist on the shifting boundary between the ideals of freedom and economic development. Scattered, primitive voices rage against progress and democratic evolution.

The story follows an editor as he investigates the disappearance of his friend, a socially and historically conscious writer, with the help of a former student. They are soon overwhelmed by the torrent of conflicting ideas shaping the city – from economic growth and social conscience to personal experiences of grief and desire. Ultimately, their discoveries tear them apart.

Chong Mui-ngam has been awarded four Best Script Awards at the Hong Kong Drama Awards, and the Outstanding Young Playwright Award by the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies. Her translation of Chinglish, a collaboration with David Henry Hwang, premiered in Chicago in June 2011.





 - 莊梅岩




Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival