Blast 爆 · 蛹

Blast 爆 · 蛹
Haoran Simon Wang 王昊然 


Product details
Paperback, 198 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date June 2013
ISBN 9789881605634

Relentless urbanization and the outrageous disparity between rich and poor have confined three lonely men, wildly different in personality and with ages spanning three decades, in a 400 square-foot flat in an unnamed Chinese city. A dispute regarding toilet etiquette sets off a series of ridiculous conflicts among the three flatmates. 

Created by Hunan-born playwright Simon Wang Haoran, who is both a witness to, and victim of, China’s rapid urban development, Blast looks at alienation in confined urban living space with a keen sense of humor. 

Born in Hunan, Wang Haoran grew up in Shenzhen and now lives in Hong Kong. His plays include The Shackle, Barbecued Pork, and Red Chamber in the Concrete Forest. His directorial credits include The Death of a Writer, The Anxious Women and Phaedra’s Love. His acting credits include The Merchant of Venice, The Tale of a Floating Stone and The Little Dinosaur with a Golden Tail. He received a Master in Playwriting from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a Bachelor in English Literature (minoring in Japanese) from Shenzhen University. 

This bilingual edition is Traditional Chinese and English. 


王昊然: 生於湖南,長在深圳,居於香港。編劇作品包括《桎梏》、《叉燒》、《 森林海中的紅樓》等,導演作品包括《作家之死》、《焦灼的女人》、《 菲德拉的愛》等,主演劇目包括《威尼斯商人》、《浮石傳》、《金尾小恐龍》等。曾獲深圳大學英語文學學士(輔修日語),香港演藝學院戲劇藝術碩士(優異)。

Specially Commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival