Double Volume: Pretense 矯情 + Recycling Times 回收旖旎時光

Double Volume: Pretense 矯情 + Recycling Times 回收旖旎時光
Yan Yu 意珩 + Harriet Chung 鍾燕詩 


Product details
Paperback, 276 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date April 2011
ISBN 9789881817679


Pretense 矯情

An older man from Hong Kong began an intense relationship with a young woman in Shanghai – a relationship with devastating consequences for them both. A decade later, haunted by memories and personal desolation, they face the impossibility of love and redemption. The story of their life-changing encounter is set against the background of two Chinese metropolises, both undergoing drastic social and economic changes.

Yan Yu earned her MFA in Playwriting from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2009. Her plays include Chung Ying Theatre’s Daguomin Qisi Ji, Playwright Scheme’s Dragonfly and Cinematic Theatre’s Mainly Cloudy with Mist, Sunny Periods.



Recycling Times  回收旖旎時光

Can too much knowledge be a dangerous thing? Inspired by Bohumil Hrabal’s novel Too Loud a Solitude but with a Hong Kong twist, this play relates the depressing life of Ah Tat, an intellectual who works in a recycling dump, compacting literary works along with garbage into bales of recycled paper. It is a job he at once loves and loathes. This thought-provoking tale will leave you with more questions than answers.

Harriet Chung Yin-sze founded Theatre Lab in 2007 to write and direct plays about social issues. Her original works include musicals Animal Farm, She Came From Beijing, and The Wild, Wild Rose; her dramas include A Kids’ Story, I Sell Love, KilledAt 17, I Love Dien Deng Dan. She has also translated Joe Orten’s What the Butler Saw, Lillian Hellman’s The Children’s Hour, Jonathan Holloway’s adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, and David Hare’s The Blue Room.

以捷克小說家Bohumil Hrabal的《過於喧囂的孤獨》為靈感,交錯無奈的香港社會故事。一間廢紙回收廠,一個愛書的工人,從每天回收的書籍中,他取得知識,得到尊嚴,找回一段難忘的愛情。在孤寂的世界中享受內心的喧鬧,無奈工廠改革,工人失去工作……只留下許多沒有答案的問題。

鍾燕詩2007年成立Theatre Lab創驗劇場,編寫和導演多部探討社會問題的作品,包括音樂劇《動物農莊》、《容易受傷的女人》、《野玫瑰之戀》,以及話劇《我不是霍金》、《我的援交日記》、《殺出十七歲》和《愛死電燈膽》等。翻譯作品有Joe Orten《窺心事》、Lillian Hellman《童謠無忌》、Jonathan Holloway改篇的雨果作品《孤星淚》和David Hare的《藍色房間》。

Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival