Murder in San José 聖荷西謀殺案

Murder in San José  聖荷西謀殺案
Candace Chong Mui-ngam 莊梅岩
English Translation Adaptation by David Henry Hwang


Product details
Paperback, 180 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date April 2011 ISBN 9789881817693

Winner, Best Script, Hong Kong Drama Awards

Three outsiders in an unfamiliar city slide from friendship into suspicion, jealousy and humiliation as they expose each other’s weaknesses and secrets. This award-winning psychological thriller received rave reviews from critics and audiences and has been restaged three times by the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Chong Mui-ngam is a four-time Best Script Award winner in the Hong Kong Drama Awards. In 2003 she was given the Outstanding Young Playwright Award by the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies. In 2004, she received the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council which enabled her to study in the US for one year. In 2011, she was given the Best Artist Award (Theatre) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Chong has translated The Shape of Things, Betrayal and Flowers for Algernon.


「此劇從現實日常生活出發,對白精彩,人物心理刻劃出色,尤其把夫妻暗戰描寫得妙趣横生,又有一發不可收拾的爆炸性。」──石琪 --《明報》 


Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival