Smear 屠龍記

Smear 屠龍記
Wong Wing-sze 黃詠詩


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Paperback, 220 Pages, Bilingual (中英對照)
Publication date June 2013
ISBN 9789881605641


Never underestimate the might of a pen, especially one held by a critic. 

A harsh review puts the reputation of a theater titan at stake. The author is his erstwhile partner. Is it a libel case or a debate about the nature of art? Who is the giant? Who is the dwarf? Can they cut through the webs of human and legal relationships? 

Smear was created by multi-talented, award-winning playwright Wong Wing-sze. After her much-lauded play The Truth about Lying, about divorce and the law, Wong once again turns the stage into an arena for combat, where irony and intrigue are sharp weapons. 

Wong Wing-sze graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Acting. She has written 27 stage plays since 2002. For The Truth About Lying, she won Best Script at the 20th Hong Kong Drama Awards, and Best of the Best Theatre Performances award from Hong Kong’s Time Out magazine in 2010. With Pang Ho-cheung, she co-wrote the screenplay of Beyond Our Ken, winner of Best Screenplay at the 10th Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards and nominee for Best Original Screenplay at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards. For Radio Television Hong Kong she penned the TV screenplays Family Series, My Father's Funeral, and Poor Mother Courage, for which she received a Certificate of Merit in the Special Achievement: Writing category at the Chicago International Film Festival. Her latest piece, What is Success, was co-produced with Edward Lam Dance Theatre. Wong is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies in screenwriting. 

This bilingual edition is in Traditional Chinese and English. 




黃詠詩: 舞台劇演員及劇作家,畢業於香港演藝學院,主修表演;2 0 0 2 年至今編 寫 2 7 個作品。憑《香港式離婚》奪 得第 2 0 屆香港舞台劇獎最佳劇本, 獲 Time Out Hong Kong 雜誌選為 2010 年度 Best of the Best 劇場演出。 與彭浩翔合寫的電影劇本《公主復仇 記》獲第 10 屆香港電影金紫荊獎最 佳編劇,以及提名第 4 2 屆金馬獎最 佳原著劇本;2 0 0 7 年編寫香港電台 電視劇《一家人系列》、《父親的葬 禮》、《窮媽媽》獲芝加哥國際電影 電視節教育及社會編劇獎。近期與非 常林奕華再度合作,為《三國》擔任 編劇。現於香港演藝學院修讀研究生 課程,主修編劇。

Specially commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival.